Another year has flown by. I was amazed at the date of the last post coming across it tonight. It feels like I was just writing that not too long ago. So much has happened since then. A year at art school has made me a stronger artist and graphic designer. Even so, stop motion animation and animation in general are on the back burner right now. It's one of the tough things about being interested in so many different mediums. As I learn one better, another (like photography at the moment) sacrifices.

So what's up with this educational film website that I've been hinting at for the last couple years? Well, it hasn't gone much of anywhere, and I'll be honest with you in saying that it won't go much of anywhere any time soon. At this point, the only way that it will become a reality is if it can be a self sustaining and growing business. Right now, I have branding ideas that I think will make it succeed and stand out in the crowd, but I don't have the time to run it. What I would like to do is give birth to the idea and either hire individuals to write for me or sell it to somebody who has the time, dedication, and knowledge to build it into a successful website.

I'd write more about the specifics I've learned over this past year in art school, but that'll have to wait for another time.