Another Animation and Ideas

Well, I decided to try out another animation in my dorm room the other day, and it was somewhat successful. Since my last one, I've gotten a lamp to use for lighting which is better because it lights from the side rather than from the front like the ceiling light was doing. If you don't remember my last one, the ceiling light was causing my shadow to be cast onto the stage, causing flickering in the animation. The animation still isn't perfect. There's still some camera shake and the flicker is still there. I'm not quite sure why there is flickr, it may have something to do with the white balance or just something else. I'll have to look into it a little more. I'll post the animation later, I have to get a codec installed on the computer to compress it.

Something else that I also did today was come up with some ideas about creating motion design things by using stopmotion and hand drawn animation. I realized half way into doing it that I was probably making it a little more difficult than it would be if I just did it straight on the computer using various free programs, but there still may be some benefits to this method that I have yet to find. Basically I did some simple drawn animations and then keyed them on the computer and imported them into blender to use for various projects. This one was pretty rough because it was just a test, but since it works, I can try more later.

That's all for now, got to go.


jriggity said...

wheres the animation?