Busy & Uninspired

Well, break is over, and school has started up again. So far, I’ve been really busy with various activities and schoolwork. I also haven’t been feeling the most inspired for any of the projects that I’ve created for myself so I haven’t done anything new since my last post. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into things again sometime. I’ve hit a stand still for my Kramer Klaymation design because I can’t code it, and I don’t want to spend the time learning how to code it right now.

To get things moving again for the stop motion site, which I would like to do soon, I probably should start brainstorming again for the site name. Nothing that I previously came up with met my standards so I’ll have to start all over again. One that is decided, it would give me the ability to start thinking about the logo design and branding. I’d really like to create some cool stop motion videos advertising the site, but before I can plan things too much, I need to know the name. One that is done comes the grueling task of more planning, designing the site, getting content, coding, and more. Fun stuff, but time absorbing and thought-provoking. There are also plenty of barriers that I have to figure out how to jump over. Maybe I’ll have to walk around a couple.

If anyone wonders why I post these posts about not getting work done, it’s because talking about it gets my mind thinking again and will possibly trigger some inspiration. Thanks for reading.