Pingu is one of the main animated productions that I watched when I was little. It was on T.V. a lot, I watched it at school sometimes in a Chinese Class I had, and we had a couple videos of it. I guess it may have influenced me into knowing what claymation was and when I actually started making my own, I realized how it was made. Later on, I found out that they actually used a lot of replacement animation in it. Below is a video from You Tube of an episode of Pingu and if you would like to read up more on the subject, here's a Wikipedia article on it. I quoted a little bit of the article below as well and added a couple more links to the bottom of this post for you to view.

Pingu is a Swiss animated children's television series created by Otmar Gutman about a family of penguins who live at the South Pole. The main character is the son, Pingu, though some episodes feature Pingu's parents and (after her hatching) his baby sister Pinga, his friend Robby the Seal, and other minor characters.[1]

One reason for Pingu's international success was its lack of dialogue per se. All dialogue was in a honking "penguin language,"(called Penguinese) performed (without script) by Carlo Bonomi similarly to La Linea (also dubbed by Bonomi).

The Pingu Youtube Channel
The Pingu Official Website


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