Some Quick News

Well, I've finally been able to get to a computer with internet to write up a post on what's been happening recently. I'm now in the land of Taiwan, hence the flag above, and things are going pretty smoothly. It's going to take a while before I have everything set up again for claymation stuff and animation(which I'm hoping to do). A shipment still has to arrive and I'll have to get settled into my house a little first. I haven't had much access to the internet lately, but I have had access to a computer, so I've still been able to be productive with "The Hole". I've been working on the CG animatic using Blender 3D. The animatic is probably not necessary for the animation, but I'm making it for fun, to practice my CG skills, and for the timing help it will give me. So far, the file and all the props are pretty much created in it, so the next thing that comes will be animation. I've done a couple tests and realized how poor my animation is with Blender. I'm almost a complete noob animation-wise(I don't think I've really ever animated anything before), but do know some basic ideas on how to do it, so hopefully that will get me through. This thing is also going to take a lot longer than I thought it was going to take to finish. Animation takes a while, with all it's tweaking, then there will be render times, and then after that, editing and sound effects. It might take a month or two before I have this finished. Once the animatic is done, I'll start working on creating props, animation practice and timing, as well as starting to think about building a set. After that comes the real thing. One everything is finished (hopefully, I'll be able to), I'm going to throw together a sub domain or some kind of small web page for it, and then present it to the world. Right now I'm also thinking about making an option to pay(only a few bucks or so) to download some extra behind-the-scenes stuff, like more images, a higher resolution file of the animation, the blender files for the animatic, and possibly a few other things, maybe a short PDF book about the whole thing, I haven't thought too much about it. There will be other stuff to view for free, just nothing that high quality since it will take longer to load and stuff on the web. Anyways, those are just some of the ideas and dreams I have for it, it seems strange that I'm making a big deal out of short animation, but whatever, at least I'm having fun.