Settling In

I'm finally now where I'm going to be living, partially at least, for the next two years until my graduation. It's taken a few days, but the internet has been hooked up so that I can now write this blog post and get connected again. I haven't done too much since the past post because I was really busy for a week and didn't have much access to a computer with internet. Since then, I've been able to do a little more work on various things. I've created some ads to place on the side of the blog for the Animate Clay affiliate program, done a tiny bit more work on the hole animatic (the timing is screwed up though so I have to figure out how to fix that), and right now I'm working on re-rendering all my videos that have the "Stop Motion Pro" watermark from the trial on them through Blender 3D's sequence editor. Doing the videos now is preparing them for the new site. I'm hoping that I can get them to be bigger and better quality even if they aren't great to start with.

When I went and looked at a few of the stores around the neighborhood I found some pretty good news. Being in a smaller city/town, I wasn't sure how much stuff I would be able to buy here, but it seems to be better than my last situation in the states. True, I won't be able to buy everything I did in the states (mainly Van Aken clay and Sculpey Polymer Clays), but that's why I brought some back with me. What I found more as good news was found in the hardware store. I was a little iffy about bring back one tube of epoxy putty, but it seems that the hardware store might carry it. I'm not sure exactly, but it looked like the stuff, only as a yellow shade. I think it ran around roughly 4 bucks U.S. I'll probably check it out sometime in the future. I'll post a junky picture of what I saw sometime so that you can see it. I also saw a variety of lighting there that I can possibly use. I'll probably try to take a few pictures of them and ask about them on Stopmotionanimation.com. Anyways, that's all for now. Hopefully my posts will get shorter in the next few days.