Finished Story Boarding

I finished storyboarding today for "The Hole", just to let you know. They aren't the best because I had some trouble trying to think in 3D space so a lot of the shots are from the same exact angle. While that isn't too terribly bad(some consistency is good), it can make it more boring if too many are the same shot. That's partially why I'm going to make the CG animatic. I'll be able to more easily visualize it in 3D space and mess around with the camera and stuff. A lot of animatics are made from the storyboards directly, and things are cut out and stuff, but I figured that this would give me a chance to use my 3D skills and it would probably be easier to do anyways. With the animatic, I'll also get a good idea of timing(very important as timing is one thing I'm aiming to work on in this project, I still am not sure how long the final thing will be) and I'll be able to get some sound effects in so that I can save time or look for the early, before the actual thing is finished and animated. The story boards also weren't annotated, partially because the template I had didn't have spots for them, but also because the script is pretty much annotating it for me.

I got 91 squares done if you were interested in that. I probably could've put more in, but I didn't since I'm doing an animatic. I don't think I'll show this stuff yet, I'm thinking about making a little "making of" thing at the end of everything and don't want to give out everything just yet or it wont be interesting.

This thing is coming along at a nice pace, hopefully I'll be able to keep it after I move.