Tutorial and Other Update

Blender recently had an update where the problem I was having was fixed so I was able to work on it more. I'm having another problem now however, but it may just be a codec problem. If that doesn't work, I'm not sure how to fix the problem.

Other than that, right now I'm starting to write up a bunch of extra blog posts for the future when I won't be able to post. I'm going to be moving and probably won't have easy access to a computer for 1-2 months. I'm not sure though. When that time comes, I'm probably going to cut back the posting from 1 post a day to maybe 2 or 3 a week. I don't think I'll be able to get 30-60 posts ready by then and keep posting now as well. To post, I'll be using Blogger's scheduled post system.

Claymation wise, I haven't done much. I got some sandpaper for some stuff today though. I'll have to try working on getting the CG animatic ready and try to come up with the script and story board for the short I'm planning. We'll see what happens.