Editing Free

I still haven't yet created a video tutorial yet, but when I do,I decided to make it part of a series called "Editing Free". I decided to call it Editing Free because I'll probably be using free programs in the video tutorials so that anyone using them can do what I'll be explaining. I don't know how often I'll be able to make tutorials because of different issues and that I'm not that proficient in the programs I'll be using so it takes a while to get it down before I can teach it. Also, based on the poll I took, it seems that people are eager to learn how to edit in Blender so that's good. If you haven't been keeping up with past blog posts, my first tutorial will probably be about wire removal. I might not be the best at teaching in the beginning, but hopefully I'll be able to learn to do things better over time through suggestions. Right now I'm working on an intro animation for the thing, it might take another week or so to polish up and get sound to.


Samuel said...

You don't admit that your tutorial won't be up to par!
Good luck with the videos. Even though I don't use Blender and don't understand half of what you say, I enjoy what you bring to the world of video editing.