New Site Design

Well, my brother has been too busy to do a web design for me, so I started to do my own. The image above shows a glimpse of what the site will look like. It's not final, I'm pretty sure I'm going to change a few things and get the actual logo(my brother designed that a while back when he had time). I'm not quite happy with the look yet, I'm not sure exactly why, but I think it's some size and spacing issues. I'll also need to implement the words Kramer Klaymation into the title area somehow. Yep, it still needs a lot of work.

Some changes in the new site will be:

- Getting rid of the fun and projects pages. Neither have shown much potential or use. Any future projects I may have will be recorded in a separate blog at blog spot or another most likely.

- Adding a links and resources page. In the site that I currently have right now, I haven't been too open to sharing other people's sites and links. When getting this blog however, I decided that I should do it so that I can share some of the nice resources I find with other people more easily.

- The gallery and videoclips will probably get a face lift. I may switch all my videos over to you tube or some other host just because of ease of use. For the gallery, I'm going to try to find out a new way to display photos so that I can also add captions. I think that I already have an idea of what to use using javascript.

- Adding a tutorial page. All the tutorials that I wrote will go into this. I originally designed these as JPG images, but realized that it wouldn't be a good idea because of slow loading and such. Because of that, it will take a long while to redesign these into html. More tutorials will probably be added later on as time goes by and as I get ideas for more.

- Store. The store will most likely go. I'm going to be busy and also moving overseas for the next couple years so it will be too hard to keep that running. I haven't had much success with it anyways. The ad in the image above is just a spot that will be used for random ads for my site or Google ads or something.

- About Us Page. That will be made up to date. I may rewrite the whole thing or just add a little section on the end. My goals for the site will also be added.

I sure have got a lot of work cut out for me. New site design estimated arrival will be within a year. I'll probably try to get it done sooner if I can get myself into the habit of working on it.