Virtual Dub

I haven't been using Virtual Dub very long or very much, but from what I've already seen from it, it's got some potential. It's another free video editing software that you can use to edit your shot footage, add sound, apply filters, and do a number of other things.

The couple of things that I've been interested in it for are some of the downloadable filters that you can use to Deshake and Deflicker your clips with. The Deshake really works well, and if you have some really shaky footage, it will do a couple of passes and work to stabilize your video. Deflicker simply helps take out the flicker a little that may occur in some animations because of unstable light sources, you wearing white that reflects light, and some other reasons.

Like I said though, I don't know much about the program and how to use it, but I'll be sure to post some of the things I find about it that I think will help you learn more as well.