Recorded: Wire Removal

Well, I recorded some today using a free program, keeping with the show theme, "Editing Free"(I'll probably try to create the show using all free programs). Now I have some editing to do, but I think I'll let that wait a while. How would I say my first video tutorial recording came out? I think it was decent. I didn't really go into depth as much as I wanted to and there were a number of flaws, but I think it will work. As always if people need help, I'll let them email me to ask questions. One bad thing I already noticed is that my headphones kept creaking so the audio in the video will have these little noises. It was also harder than I expected it to be. I kept messing up and had to really think through what I was going to say before I started recording. The computer lagging because of the screen recorder also didn't help much. Some things to do next time are:

- Write out an print a more specific script.
- Try to figure out some way to make the earphones not creak.
- Enunciate my speech better and speak slower.

My estimated time that this will be ready for online viewing is probably within 2 weeks. I still have to finish the intro animation, edit, and upload. I have a break from school this next week so it could come out much sooner. Hopefully people like it and want more.

Now I have to come up with some more video tutorial ideas...