Updates - A Mix of Stuff

Today's blog post covers a couple different topics, all updates about some stuff I've been doing or might plan to do.

First of all, you may remember from a post I did a while ago about an armature I made. Recently, I've added a head to the puppet, but it still needs some work. From the images below that I took, I noticed that the nose looks a little weird, so I will change that some. I'll also have to figure out a hair style to put on him. I don't have any plan for when to finish him so it could take a while.
The other day, I also found some glossy white paint marked down, so I went ahead and got it. I thought of a little animation I could do a long time ago that would need a white glossy set, but I never got my hands on any paint. Now that I have it, I can possibly make the animation. I do need some wood however or something else to paint for the set bottom. I tried looking for some actual images I took a while ago for some pre-visualization, but I can't find them. There's a little poster type thing I made anyways. If I ever get around to doing it, the animation would probably be around a minute long or so.

As far as the website goes, I haven't done any more on it, but I have gotten the vector image of the logo so that it can be used as needed. You can see the logo below. I also need to start collecting some resources for the resource page.

For the video tutorial, I still have to edit it some. I'm not sure when I'm going to finish, still figuring out things about compression and stuff. I still need to create the credits and captions as well as other stuff too so it could still be a while before I'm finished.

I'll have to cut down on some of the other stuff I do in my free time to try to finish these other things. Got lots to keep me busy.