Chroma Keying - Part 2

Image taken from Flickr.com, taken by Sou Patinador

Well, as I promised, here's part two of chroma keying. Seeing as I've learned most of the stuff I've learned about chroma key off the web, there's really no point in trying to explain it when I can just direct you to articles and video that would explain 10 times better than I could. It also saves me the work of writing out a bunch of stuff, so that's nice. Anyways, here are some of the links I've found during my research.

The Art of Keying
This here is a really nice article on chroma keying by fxguide called the Art of Keying. It has more information than I really want to know about the subject at the moment. It tells about the process, how it works, why you use blue and green, and much more. So if you want to learn more about what chroma key is exactly and some other odds and ends about it, check out this article.

You Tube Video 1
This is a good video done by Mark Apsolon on Youtube.com that covers chroma key nicely. He explains a little bit about chroma key, tells you where you can get the supplies to make one, some common errors people do and how to prevent them, and a number of other things. Below is his description of the video.

"This is a new updated video that goes into more detail about chroma key (green screen). We go over what chroma key is and how it works, chroma key muslins (cheap and expensive) and how to light your green screen background.

This is a two part video and one of a series of how to video production training videos."

You Tube Video 2

This is another good video by Mark Apsolon. He talks about some different chroma key materials and how to set them up and stuff. His description is below.

"In this part one of a three part tutorial we show a basic chroma key setup with lighting and chroma key backgrounds (plastic, muslins, Chroma key suit and paint). I tell you where I found affordable green screen Chroma key products on my search of the web."

Tube Tape
Last but not least is a place you can buy some chroma keying materials - Tube Tape. Just check out some of their stuff yourself by viewing their site.

And that's all I really have for you. These materials should give you a nice start on chroma keying, what it's about, and how to do it. If you want to learn more, just search and I'm sure you'll find lots more stuff out there.